Danny Woodward


Since graduating from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in 2003 with a Sound Technology degree Danny has been a professional sound engineer working in recording studios and in live sound reinforcement for the last 14 years.

Early career seen him work as a house engineer at local venues, 02 academy and the legendary Korova.

Doing gigs ranging from dirty basement clubs  to churches, stadiums and arenas he has a vast experience of live sound mixing and getting the best out of any situation.

During this time he was picked up to do live sound for Uk and European tours with bands like Hot Club de Paris, The Hot Melts, and Sound of Guns and a world tour with Ladytron.

Recently Danny has taken on Tour Management and FOH duties for Electronic duo Aquilo and FOH for future rock and roll star Louis Berry.

During breaks in touring Danny spent a lot of time recording local acts honing his recording skills. By doing recordings in various studios, churches and houses with many as many bands as possible Danny’s creative and recording experience has increased massively.

The first release gave birth to the woodman name as the band got Danny’s name wrong citing Dan Woodman as the engineer. The next few were a little more successful with a single recorded for local legendary band Ambulance (Not the same Boy) and an album with the godfathers of the Bandwagon scene Tramp Attack (Call in Sick).

From there on Danny has recorded and mixed many other acts, some highlights include Hot Club de Paris, The Hot Melts, Wave Machines, Marina Gassolina, The Humming Birds, Ladytron, Circa Waves, Aquilo, Louis Berry  and many other great bands.

His recording skills have taken him further a field, engineering on the Ladytron Album (velocifero) in Paris and more recently co-producing and recording the Delta Fiasco album (Blood  will have Blood) in LA.

As well as mixing a Ladytrons only live album ‘Live at Astoria’.

“I’ve always been most interested in record production, I love trying to work out why some songs are genius when others don’t quite grab you. Working in the studio and having years of working live gigs I’ve heard a lot of music and can pick up on the great ideas bands and artists have.’

Depending on the bands sense of direction and experience I am very happy to take a producer role but I see myself as more of a co-producer.

I don’t write the songs and see my role as getting what the artist hears in their head to come out of the speakers. That could be down to song arrangement, engineering/sound choices, writing parts for songs or just keeping the session running smoothly and with a sense of fun and excitement”.

On Whitewood Recording Studio

Danny and Rob Whiteley set up Whitewood Recording Studio in October of 2008.

“Working in various studios around the area myself and Rob were finding that no studio fitted the way we like to work. There would always be something that didn’t quite suit or less than ideal, the better run ones were too expensive to hire for the length of time we needed for the budgets we would often work with.

We have built the studio with our experiences in mind to hopefully make something that is unique in Liverpool and even much further a field. We believe we have created a great sounding live room with great and interesting gear and is affordable.”

The Large control room is a comfortable place to work and the overall feel from the studio is relaxing but professional. Many of our clients return to do further work, which we think is great testament to the studio and the work we have produced.