Whitewood Recording Studio is a two-room facility situated in Liverpool’s newly established independent district. We are on the 5th Floor of Elevator Studios, a building buzzing with

some of Liverpool’s finest creative forces in music, video and design. The Grade II listed warehouse has a unique atmosphere and blends modern chique with the distant voices of the cotton, spices and coffee that were stored here years ago.

Entrance is through our canteen, the Baltic Social Bar/Cafe, that supplies you with top quality meals as well as a wide range of teas, cakes and booze.

Liverpool’s new shopping heaven L1 is a 5-minute walk away and our control room window overlooks the Mersey delta.

Control Room:

About 8×7m non square room with natural daylight. Basstraps and broadband absorbers give the room a controlled and comfortable listening environment.

47 tie lines between control room and Live room, Ethernet, USB and Firewire Links available.

Live Room:

About 7×8m non square room with bass traps, broadband absorption and diffusers. Brickwalls (2x) and laminate flooring (on a layer of sound absorbing rubber) create a controlled live ambience that gives life to drums and other acoustic instruments but offers enough control (with our baffles) to record dry sounds if required.