Please think about booking your session 4-6 weeks in advance, especially for larger sessions. Feel free to inquire about more short term sessions though there is usually little windows to fit you in depending on how flexible you are.

Recording and mixing sessions are booked on a Day or hour basis, mastering sessions are based on the amount of material and are as follows:

Studio with an Engineer                      £250/day

Studio with Robert Whiteley                £300/day

Studio with Daniel Woodward              £300/day

Studio per hour                                         £35/h (min 3h)

A day usually is 10h and last from 10am – 8pm but can be arranged to fit in better with your schedule where necessary.


Mastering one Track                    £60

each additional track                   £40

Mastering full Album                 £300

The price for mastering an album assumes the mastering is of similar sounding material (all songs were recorded or at least mixed in one place so a similar sonic treatment can be applied to the tracks). For compilations or material that requires more treatment we will have to charge extra (presuming you want us to spend the additional time to do the master properly) get in touch to discuss how your project can benefit from our expertise.

When to pay:
a 10% deposit is required to secure a booking, this is non refundable. You should arrive at the session with the means to pay for your session in cash or cheque from, for transfers, please contact us for details