If there any extra pieces of gear you require please speak to us before the session and we will do our best to arrange it as we have many contacts who can provide all sorts of exciting equipment.


Epiphone Valve Junior

Fender Bassman 100

Fender Twin Reverb

JMI VOX AC30 (late 60ies tone monster)

Lee Jackson 4×12 cab (loaded with celestion vintage 30s)

Marshall JCM 800

Hiwatt custom 100

Rusty Box (traynor copy bass preamp) with QSC power amp

Selmer Treble and Bass cab (2×12)

VOX Pathfinder

WEM Westminster 15

2x 15” Bass Cabinet Strawberry Studios custom (Joy Division, 10CC etc)

Tons of pedals


DW kit 22/10/12/13/14/16

Yamaha absolute 16″ floor tom

Ludwig 402 1970s snare 6.5″

Ludwig  Acrolite snare 5.5″

Pearl Free Floter 6.5″

Premier piccolo snare

Vermona DRM3 analogue drum machine


Farfisa organ

Phillips Philicorda organ

Upright Piano

Yahmaha CS5 synth

Roland Juno 6 (midi update)

Korg MS20

Korg M3r



Gibson Nighthawk Guitar

Fender Telecaster

Norman Acoustic

Martin Acoustic

Squire Strat

Squire Bullet

Cimar bass guitar


Fender bass


there’s usually a few other guitars in the studio

Some of these instruments are on semi permanent loan from our friends if you would like them for you session then please get in contact before the session to make sure you avoid disapointment.