Mic Preamps


Neve 1073 DPX

the Daddy, Stereo, now with added EQ

AML 1073Ez (x2)

1073 clone in API rack. less gain, same EQ

Classic Api VP26 x2

recreation of 7os discret mic amp. Solid and American.

Classic Api VP312DI

slightly cleaner version of the CAPI pre with DI

Summit TLA100

solid state pre amp that has a valve stage, can go real dirty and make your guitars sound like they are going to rip the speakers apart…


Solid American Discreet Mic pre

Neumann v475B

70s german broadcast mic pre similar to API and Neve, sweet mids.

Prism MMA-4

4 channel ultra high fidelity

20ch Calrec S2 sidecar

8 stereo, 4 Mono broadcast spec micamps. clean and clear. If it’s good enough for the BBC…

Midas PR40 channel strips (10x)

top of the line 80ies live sound channel strips as used by ACDC on their 2009 live tour

C24 preamps

these never actually get used… to much better choices available!




Neve 33609J

Classic compressor magic on guitars and Mix bus

API 2500

puts the balls into anything

Chandler TG1 abbey road special edition

based on the compressors in the EMI consoles. Thick and smooth.

Tube Tech LCA2b

Vari Mu compressor.Very accurate and pretty sounding.

UREI 1178

stereo 1176. 70s I think. Dirtier than the 1176. A lot of times dirtier is better….

Manley ELOP

Manley’s take ona LA2A style compressor. Amazing at holding things in place and pushing things just slightly forward when needed.

Universal Audio LN1176

classic compressor that makes everything sound like a record

Universal Audio LA2A

the other classic valve based opto that does wonders to bass guitar

Empirical Labs distressor (x2)

Modern multipurpose compressor. Pretty much the sound of modern rock records

Alan Smart C2

for the classic updated SSL sound. Crush mode and perfect recallability make for a perfect companion on the mixbuss

Eysia Xpressor

Modern Clean VCA compressor to bend things into shape

DBX 160S

Classic VCA Compressor, we have the super high end version of this one that makes everything that goes through it a bit fatter…

Calrec DL3678 (3x)

Stereo Compressor with extra Limiter stage. Broadcast quality. We like it so much we have 3 of them…

Thermionic Culture The Phoenix”

Stereo Vari-mu compressor, ours is an original that has had the side chain mod done by TC

SPL Transient Designer

unique processor to shape drums with

Klark teknik Dn504

4 ch of clean British compression


2ch compressor with de-Esser option


2 ch noise gate with midi triggering

Bss DPR522

2 ch noise gate no midi





Chandler TG12345 Curve Bender

Passive 4 band EQ with a beautiful tone

API 5500

4-Band discreet passive eq

Neve 1073 DPX

the Classic Channel EQ, all passive magic on kick drums

AML 1073Ez (x2)

same EQ as the Neve

Neve 8803 dual Channel Equalizer

makes a signal sound the way you want it to

Elysia XFilter

Class A Clean Stereo Eq

Neve V-rack EQ (5x)

SSL 502 EQ (x8)

classic console Eq that makes everything sound like a record

Manley Massive Passive

massive and passive. 4band parametric Eq with extra HP/LP filter. Like magic on steroids



Manley’s excellent mid range EQ

Langevin All-Discrete Pultec EQP-1A (x2)

Solid state version of the Manley Pultec design

Calrec C2 side car Stereo and mono Channels

4-band with HPF/LPF stereo width control on the stereo modules.

Midas PR40 3band EQ

great sounding 3 band channel EQ

ADM1540 EQ(2x)

inductor based, stepped EQ sounds like the 70s…





Fender oil can delay

SPL Charisma

Roland RE201- Space Echo (2x)

Yamaha Rev5 reverb

Lexicon MPX 100

Korg synth sound module

WEM Copycat tape delay

TVM Spring reverb



Plugins (valhalla Room, Rvibe, TL Space, TD5…)

pretty solid selection of guitar pedals (reverb/delay/phase/distortion/fuzz…)