Our Studio is based around a Pro tools HD3 system (44 analogue inputs, 46 outputs on AVID I/O interfaces as well as Lake People Conversion, a Stereo Lavry DA10 driving our monitoring) with a Digidesign C 24 desk giving you hands on access to the mix process. We have a 20 input Neuman v475-2B summing mixer to give you that big analogue desk sounds whilst having the instant recall thats only a digital session can provide.

A wide variety of different microphones (dynamic, valve and solid state condenser  as well as some fine ribbon microphones) and analogue processing is used to capture all the sounds emanating from the Live room. Brick walls, Laminate flooring and baffles provide a range of acoustic scenarios. Bass traps and broadband diffusers give our rooms a nice open sound.

Our spacious (about 7mx8m) Control room is fitted with a ADAM S3x-H + SubP system for a full range monitoring environment (as well as NS10 Nearfield monitoring, powerd by Quad 50E amps) and a comfortable client area at the back of the room mean there is enough space for everyone to have an active role in the recording process.

Here are some almost up to date lists of what we have plugged in: